March 30, 2000 More than month this page was unupdated ;o(
Now I've almost finished 2 new sites and ready to work here!
February 2, 2000 RadioFreeCash paying you to listen to the radio on your computer...
October 20 '99 – January 16 '00 Regular updates in all sections.
October 8, 1999 1Navigator – new application (pay you to surfing).
Now available at DesktopDollars, The ClixCard™.
September 20/27 Few new companies pay you to surfing, read e-mail and visit sites.
September 17 Second check signed One and Only Network. Trespass.NeT is the free email service that pays its members for using its services.
September 10, 1999 FREE FirstNet Debit Card to purchase products such as CD's, DVD's, fragrances, clothing, electronics, software, and much more. Go to section Visit sites & Cash back. (AllPaidFor.Com)
August 30 Would you like a free online rewards program for your internet purchases at stores like CDnow and Borders? Find out how to get a $2.50 bonus!
August 26
16 companies ready to pay for surfing. Some of they promise that you can earn money while you and your friends are online (reading email, surf the Web, chat or even play online). New company (6th) will pay for email you receive. Go to Readers section.
August 18, 1999 I just received check signed One and Only Network.
August 03, 1999 I thought site can live without news, but yesterday something
interesting happened...
From Altavista I have found page with same title and description like mine.
Look at this – my page (left) and this page (right):
mypage.jpg (34142 bytes)-copy.jpg (35671 bytes)
Funny? I don't think so...
July 09 '99 Startin' site ;o)

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